The Fusion powered by ME

It is the mission of Marshall Ellis Dance School to provide students with an environment in which to cultivate their talent and artistry to its fullest potential. Fusion dance is a type of contemporary style that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. The Fusion powered by ME combines ballet, modern and performance art techniques to create a diversified dancer. This combination is the platform for the training at Marshall Ellis Dance School.

Numerous studies have shown that arts education is essential for developing fully formed, well-rounded students. Students who receive exposure to both the applied and the performing arts learn valuable skills in the areas of critical thinking, creative problem solving and social interaction. These skills are essential to insure future success.

Marshall Ellis Dance School is committed to helping provide students with opportunities to experience and learn about dance. Working with students, Marshall Ellis Dance School offers a variety of classes designed to broaden student horizons and give them creative learning environment while giving opportunities to shape them for a professional career as a dancer.


ME1 – Pre-Professional Dance Company

ME2 – Pre-Professional Dance Company

Elite Training Program / Daytime Program

TEAM ME  – Private Coaching

Summer Intensive