March 8, 2014

Drop in Class Schedule

Yes we are OPEN all year round!!!

Single drop in classes are $10.

All classes are drop in! No Enrollment Needed! Open to ages 8 years and up. Ages 4-6 click here! Several levels and styles to choose from. A flexible schedule that you can build your own level of commitment! It’s all about YOU! Come check ME out and say hello to the Fusion Program! Orlando’s only drop in style studio catering to building a solid foundation in dance! Learn more about the Fusion Program – CLICK HERE!


  • 1 class a week = $10
  • 2 classes a week = $20
  • 3 classes a week = $30
  • 4 classes a week = $40
  • 5 classes a week = $50
  • Unlimited classes a month $200

Weekly Class Schedule – YEAR ROUND TRAINING – OPEN 50 weeks a year!


Private Lessons / Coaching are available. Please Email for available time slots.


If you are interested in our daytime ballet program please click here!